The Executive Committee is composed of six voters from each county supervisor district.  Each district elects up to three women and three men to serve.  There are also six at-large seats where any voter from the county may serve.

All meetings of the Executive Committee are open to the public. We hope you will join us for our next one!

Officers for the 2020-2024 term:

Chair: Clay Purvis
Vice-Chair: LeVerne Johnson
Treasurer: Susan Weatherholt
Parliamentarian: Thelma Lorentz

District 1
Ken Neorr

District 2
Clay Purvis
Vaughn Gresham
Ryan Brown
Thelma Lorentz
Susan Sims
Alean Adams

District 3
Charles Mims
Helen Cox
Ron McLaughlin
John L. Stevenson
Glenda Tilson
Thelma Hardy

District 4
Jason McCarty
Ora Laverne Johnson
Robert McIntyre
Louise Patterson
Lee Perry
Nettie Reid

District 5
Jessie Griffith
Brian Baughman
Frank Yates
Jan Patrick
Meade Entrekin
Elsa Baughman

At Large
Jodie Brown
Linda Braddy
Johnnie Mims
James Thompson
Terry Cannon
David Woods